Osjecko - baranjska  county

Attracting investors and new investment is the foundation of economic growth and creation of new jobs, but also is the key to preserving the existing ones.

One of the initiatives to promote the economy and economic activity in the territory of Osijek-Baranja County, as well as to inform potential domestic and international investor is the creation of a specialised website - www.obz-invest.hr/en

We have also created this video presentation of the economic opportunities in our county.


City  of  Osijek

Osijek, the 4th largest city in Croatia, is also the largest city of Slavonia and Baranya and the Osijek-Baranya County seat. The city economy used to have personal traditional structure with several industrial branches export oriented. As far as activities are concerned, the most represented ones are trade, processing and construction industry following total income criteria, employment rate and export orientation.
The most significant economic asset of the City of Osijek is the knowledge of the educated people. This is why the guideline of the future activities is defined by Economic Development Strategy of the City of Osijek – from industrial to intelligent city, attracting young people and creating opportunities for development and use of own knowledge. The aim is to allow them creation of new ideas in the field of economy, stimulate their realization through the help of business support institutions, business locations, fiscal advantages, etc. This implies to make the city a better living place.
City of Osijek changes its outlines. Through private investments in trades centers, Osijek has been recognized as city of great economic possibilities. Introducing low costs flights at the Osijek Airport, city has been additionally opened towards Europe and world and new enthusiasm in continental and transit tourism has been raised. Entering into new projects with the City of Osijek, domestic and foreign inventors get a unique opportunity to participate actively in creating new city contours with the final aim of life quality upgrading.
Fiscal advantages
Financial supports to entrepreneurs in SE are an important element in the total support system. Thus we help maintain the viability in the tough competitive market of the SE traditions. Financial supports are related to grants-in-aid intended for entrepreneurs as well as to reasonable credit granting through interest rates subvention. Financial supports are offered by competent ministries, the Osijek-Baranya County and NGOs.
These financial supports are mainly intended to entrepreneurs – beginners and a part of companies with growing production as well as production related services that are linked through technology, promotion, quality certificate introduction, etc.
Business locations
Business Zone Tenja
Business Zone Tenja is located along the road Osijek-Tenja. Total surface is 5,62 ha.
Business Zone Jug
Business Zone Jug is located between south transversal, Sv. Leopolda Bogdana Mandića Street and connecting «S» road. Total surface is 155 ha.
Industrial Zone Nemetin
Industrial Zone Nemetin. Total surface is 85 ha.
Free Zone Osijek


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