The Representation

The representation was founded in 2007 by City of Osijek and Osjecko-baranjska County, administrated by the Regional Development Agency of Slavonija and Baranja.

The main objective of the office in Brussels is to assure strong representation of the regional interests of Slavonija and Baranja and its local industries and companies.

The task of the representation office is, among others, to provide information about the ongoing processes in Brussels relevant for the counties and towns of Slavonija and Baranja region in a direct and immediate way with special regard to the working processes of the European Commission, European Parliament and of the Committee of the Regions. 

Besides providing the flow of information, the task of the Brussels Representation of Slavonija and Baranja is to establish horizontal connections with other regions and European Institutions, in order to find Croatian, European and other international resources and partners for the projects and programmes that are important for the region.

The representation can also develop transnational links with other EU regions in order to promote international and regional cooperation and support Croatian companies that want to enter the European market.



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